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Till Lindemann (born January 4, 1963) is a German musician, qualified pyrotechnician, actor, and poet. He is the lead vocalist for the German band Rammstein.


Till Lindemann was born in Leipzig, East Germany, but he grew up in the village of Wendisch-Rambow near Schwerin (in East Germany). His father was a children's poet named Werner Lindemann, and his mother, Brigitte "Gitta" Hildegard Lindemann, was a journalist and writer until she retired. Lindemann has one sister who is six years younger. At age 11 he went to a sports school at the Empor Rostock Sport Club, and from 1977 to 1980 attended a boarding school. His parents lived separately for career reasons after 1975.

In 1978, Lindemann was a participant in the European Junior Swimming Championships in Florence finishing 11th in the 1500 m freestyle, and seventh in the 400 m freestyle swimming a time of 4'17"58 - was shortlisted to go to 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow but discontinued the sport soon after because of an injury. According to Lindemann, "I never liked the sport school actually, it was very intense. But as a child you don't object." Lindemann later worked as an apprentice carpenter, a gallery technician, a peat cutter and a basket weaver.

Till has two daughters: Nele Lindemann and Marie Lindemann. Nele gave birth to a son in 2008, which makes Till a grandfather. Also comes Nele from the same woman as Richard's daughter Khira Li.


Lindemann started his music career in the 80's with a band called First Arsch, where he played the drums. In 1989 Lindemann sang background vocals on the song "Lied von der unruhevollen Jugend", by the punk band Feeling B. The band even released a full album, titled "Saddle Up". Right after the band split up, Lindemann joined Rammstein.

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09.11.2016 Klubsen Hamburg Germany


  • Till's move to hit on his knee on stage and headbang came from a sickness he had with his kneecap. Sometimes it poped out from the ankle and Till had to put it back in place on stage. So he started hitting his knee and headbang to it. Because all others in the band said that it looks pretty cool, he keeps doing it to this day.