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Clemens Wijers is a Dutch musician and part of the metal band "Carach Angren".


Born in a small town in the southern parts of the Netherlands, Clemens started playing the keyboard at the age of 7. He took keyboard lessons and music theory lessons at Kunstschool Meander for eight years, during which he accompanied the local youth choirs on keyboard and piano at rehearsals and many live performances. In secondary school, he became more interested in symphonic and metal music, and started to combine those two elements in a band.

In 2002, he took lessons for one year at the Brabants Conservatorium while he continued composing music and refining his skills. In 2003, he formed the melodic metal band Vaultage which released one well-received EP. Vaultage was disbanded two years later, making room for a new band: Carach Angren.

A great deal of the music in Carach Angren, is composed by Clemens, using classical music as a foundation and inspiration. After three official CD releases and more than 150 international shows, Carach Angren’s achievements continue to be praised by the international press and the increasing number of fans of their music.

Eventually Clemens extended his work as a composer to other media, such as film. He completed an intensive one year training in music for media composition which was rewarded with a ‘Music for Media’ certificate. Furthermore he completed a training program in cinematic orchestration. During this course he received tuition by well known orchestrator William Boston. Clemens composed scores for several short films, corporate videos and other projects and is constantly looking for new opportunities.

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