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Heino (born 13 December 1938 as Heinz Georg Kramm) is a German singer of Schlager and traditional Volksmusik. Having sold a total of over 50 million records, he is one of the most successful German musicians of all time.

Heino is known for his baritone voice and trademark combination of light blond hair and dark sunglasses (which he wears due to exophthalmos). He lives in the town of Bad Münstereifel, where he owned a café until June 2012. His interest in music started when his mother gave him an accordion in 1948, although his family could barely afford it.


Connection to Rammstein

In 2013 Heino released the album "Mit freundlichen Grüßen", on which he covered a lot of German songs in his typical Volksmusik style. He covered the Rammstein song Sonne for it. Eight months later a bonus version (called "Mit freundlichen Grüßen - jetzt erst recht") was released, which also contained the song "Amerika".

For the promotion of the album a little controversy was made. According to some news articles and interviews of Heino revealed, that Rammstein thought the cover version of Sonne was "horrible"[1]. The same day a news entry was made on the official Rammstein website, which declined these news. The words, which Rammstein should've said about the song were not said by any bandmember[2]. The press called this a "Rockerkrieg" (rockstar war).

The band even later performed at the Wacken Open Air with Heino together.