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Heino (real name: Heinz Georg Kramm) is a German Volksmusik musician. He was born on 13.03.1938 in Düsseldorf.

Connection with Rammstein

In 2013 Heino released the album "Mit freundlichen Grüßen", on which he covered a lot of German songs in his typical Volksmusik style. He covered the Rammstein song "Sonne" for it. Eight months later a bonus version (called "Mit freundlichen Grüßen - jetzt erst recht") was released, which also contained the song "Amerika".

For the promotion of the album a little controversy was made. According to some news articles and interviews of Heino revealed, that Rammstein thought the cover version of "Sonne" was "horrible"[1]. The same day a news entry was made on the official Rammstein website, which declined these news. The words, which Rammstein should've said about the song were not said by any bandmember[2]. The press called this a "Rockerkrieg" (rockstar war).

The band even later performed at the Wacken Open Air with Heino together.