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#[[Sonne (song)|Sonne]]
#[[Sonne (song)|Sonne]]
#[[Ich will (song)|Ich will]]<br><br>
#[[Ich will (song)|Ich will]]<br><br>
#[[Pet Sematary (song)|Pet Sematary]]
#[[Pet Sematary (song)|Pet Sematary]] (feat. [[Clawfinger]])

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01.06.2001 Band.jpg
Performance by [[Rammstein]]
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg
City: Hanover
Venue: Preussag Arena
Tour: [[Mutter Tour]]
Tour leg: [[Mutter Tour 2001: German leg]]
Support: [[Clawfinger]]
Price: 64,78 - 74,95 DM
33,12 - 38,32 €
Songs: 18
Recordings: Audio (audience, complete) x1
Audio (professional, incomplete) x1
Touring chronology
[[31 May 2001 (concert)|Error in Template:Date table sorting: '31 May 2001' is an invalid date]] {{{Day}}} {{{Month}}} {{{Year}}} [[5 June 2001 (concert)|Error in Template:Date table sorting: '5 June 2001' is an invalid date]]
Ticket 2

[[Category:Rammstein]] [[Category:Rammstein Tour]]

[[Category:Clawfinger supporting Rammstein]]

[[Category:Mutter Tour]] [[Category:Mutter Tour 2001: German leg]]


  • The band tried out a new intro for Rein raus. All concerts prior had a fully instrumental intro but now Richard and Paul yelled at "Rein" at the beginning. The crowd did not know how to respond and the intro did not become mainstream until much later in the tour.[1]




  • There is a complete audience audio recording of this concert.
  • Live audios of Spieluhr and Sonne were released on the bonus tour edition CD of the album Mutter.
  • Live audio of Pet Sematary from the single Ich will was recorded at this concert.[2]


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