06.01.1995 (concert)

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6 January 1995
Performance by Rammstein
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg
City: Neuruppin
Venue: Jugendfreizeitzentrum Liveclub
Tour: Club Tour
Touring chronology
[[31 December 1994 (concert)|Error in Template:Date table sorting: '31 December 1994' is an invalid date]] 6 January 1995 [[7 January 1995 (concert)|Error in Template:Date table sorting: '7 January 1995' is an invalid date]]
1995 01 06 ticket.jpg


Nothing is known about the concert.


The setlist is completely unknown.


  • Around the year 2000, JFZ Liveclub moved from Karl-Marx-Straße 103 to Fehrbelliner Straße 135 and was renamed to JFZ Alte Brauerei. As of today, Kulturhaus Neuruppin is located at this address.[2][3]