06.02.2020 (concert)

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6 February 2020
Performance by Lindemann
Show count: #10
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg #2
City: Cologne #1
Venue: Palladium #1
Tour: Lindemann Tour 2020 #2
Support: Jadu
Aesthetic Perfection
Price: 50€
Touring chronology
4 February 2020 6 February 2020 8 February 2020


  • During Platz Eins the girls in the bubble were missing, which were present during the previous concert.
  • At the end of the concert a video was screened, which showed how Till has a threesome with two women underneath the Rammstein stage, while the song Deutschland (Remix by Richard Z. Kruspe) is performed. After the sex he goes up on stage and performs the song.