06.10.1996 (concert)

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Performance by [[Rammstein]]
Country: Netherlands x14px [[File:Flag_of_Netherlands x14px.svg|x14px|border]]
City: Arhem
Venue: Willemeen
Capacity: 40[1]
Attendance: max. 40[1]
Tour: [[Herzeleid Tour]]
Tour leg: [[Herzeleid Tour 1996: Autumn leg]]
Price: 10 ƒ
Touring chronology
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Magazine clipping about the moved show

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[[Category:Herzeleid Tour]] [[Category:Herzeleid Tour 1996: Autumn leg]]


  • The first Rammstein concert in the Netherlands.
  • The show was originally planned to be held at Brummen's De Verdieping, but was moved to Arnhem's Willemeen.


The setlist is completely unknown.


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