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| Songs        = 18
| Songs        = 18
| Price        =  
| Price        =  
| Support      = Combichrist
| Tour leg    = [[LIFAD Tour 2010|LIFAD Tour 2010: European leg]]
| Tour leg    = [[LIFAD Tour 2010|LIFAD Tour 2010: European leg]]
| Last show    = [[05.03.2010_(concert)|March 5, 2010]]
| Last show    = [[05.03.2010_(concert)|March 5, 2010]]

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March 7, 2010
Performance by Rammstein
Country: Belarus Flag of Belarus.svg
City: Minsk
Venue: Minsk-Arena
Tour: LIFAD Tour
Tour leg: LIFAD Tour 2010: European leg
Support: Combichrist
Songs: 18
Touring chronology
March 5, 2010 March 7, 2010 March 9, 2010


The concert was nearly cancelled. The council for morality, which is supported by Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko, demanded a ban of the band, as they would disturb the Belarussian system of government. The council said that "a permission for a Rammstein concert is a mistake, that can cost us a lot of money." Rammstein's songs are propaganda for "violence, masochism, homosexualism and other perversions." Another part for the ban are the pornographic and sexualized parts of the concert.

Nikolai Tscherginez says "one song by the band, where I have the translation of, is about the size of the sex organ." He also thinks that the US treated the band correctly, because "in the US the band had to go to prison." However, the band actually played the scheduled concert. But Rammstein are now officially an enemy of the state in Belarus.