18.08.1996 (concert)

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Performance of "Der Meister"
Performance by [[Rammstein]]
Country: Germany x14px [[File:Flag_of_Germany x14px.svg|x14px|border]]
City: Cologne
Venue: Butzweiler Hof
Tour: [[Herzeleid Tour]]
Tour leg: [[Herzeleid Tour 1996: Festival leg]]
Other artists: Iggy Pop, Korn, The Offspring, Die Toten Hosen, Such a Surge and 2 others
Price: 89 DM
Songs: 8 (uncertain)
Recordings: Video (professional, complete) x1
Touring chronology
[[17 August 1996 (concert)|Error in Template:Date table sorting: '17 August 1996' is an invalid date]] {{{Day}}} {{{Month}}} {{{Year}}} [[27 September 1996 (concert)|Error in Template:Date table sorting: '27 September 1996' is an invalid date]]
18.08.1996 ticket.jpg

[[Category:Rammstein]] [[Category:Rammstein Tour]] [[Category:Germany x14px]]

[[Category:Herzeleid Tour]] [[Category:Herzeleid Tour 1996: Festival leg]]


  • It is not clear if Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen? was played at the show or not. It is listed in the tracklist of an archived website of the German TV station WDR,[1] but some attendees seem to remember that it wasn't played. It also doesn't appear in the TV recording of the show.




  • There is a recording of a complete TV broadcast of the concert.


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