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==Setlist<ref name=crev/>==
==Setlist<ref name=crev/>==
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#[[Mein Herz brennt (song)|Mein Herz brennt]]
#[[Mein Herz brennt (song)|Mein Herz brennt]]
#[[Links 2-3-4 (song)|Links 2-3-4]]
#[[Links 2-3-4 (song)|Links 2-3-4]]

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Performance by [[Rammstein]]
Country: USA x14px [[File:Flag_of_USA x14px.svg|x14px|border]]
City: Philadelphia
Venue: Electric Factory
Tour: [[Mutter Tour]]
Tour leg: [[Mutter Tour 2001: North American leg]]
Support: Godhead, Crossbreed
Price: $22.00
Touring chronology
18 July 2001 {{{Day}}} {{{Month}}} {{{Year}}} 20 July 2001

[[Category:Rammstein Tour]][[Category:USA x14px]][[Category:Godhead, Crossbreed supporting Rammstein]][[Category:Mutter Tour]][[Category:Mutter Tour 2001: North American leg]]


  • The band previously played at the Electric Factory on 2 June 1999.
  • Jason C. Miller, the frontman of Godhead, sang along with Till and Flake during Pet Sematary.[1]