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Tour Dates

Date Venue / Festival City Country Tour Leg / Type
2016-05-18 Black Box Music Berlin Germany
2016-05-25 Black Box Music Berlin Germany
2016-05-26 Black Box Music Berlin Germany
LIFAD Concerts
2016-05-28 Black Box Music Berlin Germany
2016-06-02 Gods of Metal Festival Monza Italy
Festival Shows
2016-06-03 Rock in Vienna Festival Vienna Austria
2016-06-04 Allmend Rockt Festival Lucerne Switzerland
2016-06-10 Download Festival Castle Donington UK
2016-06-11 Pinkpop Festival Landgraaf Netherlands
2016-06-12 Download Festival France Paris France
2016-06-17 Hellfest Festival Clisson France
2016-06-19 Maxidrom Festival Moscow Russia
2016-06-23 Tinderbox Festival Odense Denmark
2016-06-24 Hurricane Festival Scheeßel Germany
2016-06-26 Southside Festival Neuhausen ob Eck Germany
2016-06-30 Bråvalla Festival Norrköping Sweden
2016-07-01 Rock Werchter Festival Werchter Belgium
2016-07-02 Provinssirock Festival Seinäjoki Finland
2016-07-08 Waldbühne Berlin Germany
Headline Shows
2016-07-09 Waldbühne Berlin Germany
2016-07-11 Waldbühne Berlin Germany
2016-07-15 Chicago Open Air Festival Bridgeview USA
Festival Shows
2016-07-17 Quebec City Summer Festival Québec Canada
2016-07-23 Hell & Heaven Festival Mexico City Mexico

2016-08-20 Highfield Festival Großpösna Germany
Festival Shows
2016-08-27 Capital of Rock Festival Wrocław Poland
2016-09-03 RockOut Fest Santiago Chile
2016-09-07 Maximus Festival São Paulo Brazil
2016-09-10 Maximus Festival Buenos Aires Argentina

2016-12-16 du Arena, Yas Island Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
Headline Show