23.04.1994 (concert)

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Performance by [[Rammstein]]
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg
City: Lobenstein
Venue: Kulturhaus
Tour: [[Club Tour]]
Other artists: Stonebeat, Index, Draft
Touring chronology
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  • This was a release party for the latest mini CD from Stonebeat, called Stone.
  • There was an incident where a fan repeatedly went up onto the stage, annoying Till, who knocked him out.[1]


The setlist is completely unknown.


  • In 2005 the town was renamed from Lobenstein to Bad Lobenstein.[2]


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    "As the concert went on, there was someone (or more? I am not sure) repeadeatly going up the stage to go stagediving. One of them was always standing in front of Till, who didn't want this since it prevented him from moving how he wants to and also affected the connection to the audience. Till told the fan via arm movements during the songs, that he should go off the stage. After the fan naively, or better said, stupidly, went up the stage again, Till punched him and knocked him out."
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