Ensoniq EPS-16+

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Ensoniq EPS-16+



Used By: Christian Lorenz
Used from: 1994 (earliest known)

The Ensoniq EPS-16+ was one of the first keyboards used by Flake for Rammstein in 1994. It is shown briefly in parts of Achtung! Wir kommen, where Flake is seen playing Der Riecher in the Knaack Club studio with the other band members. Flake's EPS-16+ uses an OEX-6sr output expander.


In 2019, this keyboard was sold on eBay Kleinanzeigen. The buyer found out that still some files are left on the internal HDD, which include samples and full songs (which are not real Rammstein songs, but only songs composed by Flake on this keyboard). For a list of everything that was found, click here: List of files from the Ensoniq EPS-16+.