Joe Letz

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Joe Letz



Born: October 26, 1980 (Age 38)
New York City, New York, USFlag of the United States.svg
Previous bands: Combichrist
Member of: Aesthetic Perfection

Joe Letz is an American live drummer and DJ best known as the former drummer for the electro-industrial band Combichrist. He's currently the drummer of Aesthetic Perfection.


Joe has also drummed for Amen, Mortiis, horror punk band Wednesday 13, Genitorturers, Hanzel und Gretyl, Imperative Reaction. He has also remixed the song "Sinematic" for the American gothic metalcore band Motionless in White.

Connection to Emigrate

Joe is the drummer for video shoots from Emigrate. Up to now he never recorded a song in the studio with them.

Connection to Rammstein

Joe supported Rammstein as a DJ on their US Tour in 2012 and the 2013 Tour and was the aftershow DJ at the New Year's Eve shows in 2018. For the liveset of his support slot, he only used remixes of Rammstein songs including some exclusive ones that were later released on his behalf for a limited time by the artists who made them.