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#[[Führe mich (song)|Führe mich]] - <small>04:53</small>
#[[Führe mich (song)|Führe mich]] - <small>04:53</small>
#[[Gib mir deine Augen (song)|Gib mir Augen]] #1 - <small>02:31</small>
#[[Gib mir deine Augen (song)|Gib mir Augen]] #1 - <small>02:31</small>
#[[Gib mir deine Augen (song)|Gib mir Augen]] #2 - <small>04:23</small>
#[[Haifisch (song)|Haifisch]] - <small>03:40</small>
#[[Haifisch (song)|Haifisch]] - <small>03:40</small>
#[[Halt (song)|Halt]] - <small>04:47</small>
#[[Halt (song)|Halt]] - <small>04:47</small>

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Liebe ist für alle da is the sixth album by Rammstein. It was released on 16 October 2009.

Liebe ist für alle da
Liebe ist für alle da cover
Studio album by Rammstein
Released: 16 October 2009
Recorded: Sonoma Mountain Recording Estate, USA, 2008-2009
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte
Label: Universal
Format: CD / Vinyl
Length: 49:26
Price: 15.00€[1] - 20.00€[2], 18.00€[3], 20.00€[4], 199.00€[5]
Producer: Jacob Hellner
Stream / Buy: Spotify
Discogs: DiscogsLogo.png
Rammstein album chronology
Liebe ist
für alle da

Singles from Liebe ist für alle da
  1. Pussy (18 September 2009)
  2. Ich tu dir weh (9 February 2010)
  3. Haifisch (28 May 2010)
  4. Waidmanns Heil (16 April 2011)



During the recording sessions for this album, at least nineteen songs were recorded and finalized. Sixteen songs were later released on the album, while three others were released on the singles Mein Herz brennt and Mein Land, these were:

  1. Gib mir deine Augen
  2. Mein Land
  3. Vergiss uns nicht

One song was recorded in the demo phase that would later get reworked and released on the next album, this being Was ich liebe. Finally, one other song from the recording sessions of Reise, Reise and Rosenrot was reworked and re-recorded, but still did not get released, this being Eisenmann.

Band Opinions

During the Making of Liebe ist für alle da video included on In Amerika, the band members named their favorite songs of the then-upcoming album. Paul named three songs as his favorites: Rammlied, Wo sind die Kinder (working title for Donaukinder), and Waidmann (working title for Waidmanns Heil).

Schneider named two songs, the first being Wiener Blut, but at the time of recording, the name of the song was not yet finalized and Schneider mentions that the name Seid bereit could also be chosen for the song. His second pick was Mein Land, which would ultimately not end up on the album.

Till named Ich tu dir weh as his favorite, while Olli named two songs again: Liebe ist für alle da and Donaukinder.

Flake chose Oh No (working title for Frühling in Paris), and Richard picked Rammlied.

Studio Report

Exclusively on rammstein.de you can read a studio report by Marion Brasch. You can also read it here.

Demo leak

An early (promo) version of the song Liebe ist für alle da was leaked on the internet 3 months before the album was released. Then, in November 2010, a demo of the unreleased song Eisenmann was leaked, which had likely been recorded during the Liebe ist für alle da sessions. Another leak happened in February 2012, where a total of 28 new demos were put on the internet. Those demos are all from different stages of progress. Some are at a really early stage, with programmed drums, while others are more advanced recordings. A noteworthy inclusion is the completely English version of Pussy, which was mentioned in interviews a few times.

It is said that the first 9 demos were stolen from the recording sessions of the album. The rest of the songs, probably exluding the previously mentioned early version of Liebe ist für alle da, were stolen from an e-mail account of a band member or from someone's notebook. At least, that's what is floating around the internet on where the demos come from.

  1. Donaukinder #1 - 06:51
    Original file name: donaukinder+5.06.08
  2. Legion - 03:22
    Original file name: Legion++1
  3. Augen zu - 03:34
    Original file name: Augen+zu+Nr2+voc
  4. Mein Land #1 - 04:30
    Original file name: mein+land+20.05.08
  5. Panterra Pussy - 02:19
    Original file name: Panterra+Pussy
  6. Rammlied - 04:09
    Original file name: ramm+mix
  7. Roter Sand - 04:37
    Original file name: RoterSand_rough01
  8. Waldmann - 04:11
    Original file name: waldmann+20.05.08
  9. Rassmus - 03:44
    Original file name: Rassmus+3
  10. B******** - 04:05
  11. Donaukinder #2 - 05:39
  12. Eisenmann - 03:28
  13. Führe mich - 04:53
  14. Gib mir Augen #1 - 02:31
  15. Haifisch - 03:40
  16. Halt - 04:47
  17. Ich tu dir weh #2 - 04:52
  18. Ich tu dir weh #3 - 05:07
  19. Liebe ist für alle da - 03:17
  20. Mehr - 04:38
  21. Mein Land #2 - 04:56
  22. Mein Land #3 - 05:08
  23. Paris, oh non! - 04:46
  24. Pussy - 04:01
  25. Rammlied - 04:36
  26. Schenk mir was - 03:56
  27. Schenk mir was (Instrumental) - 04:13
  28. Seid bereit - 04:18
  29. Waidmann - 03:50


The album was promoted with short promotion adverts and internet videos. Some were released on The Gauntlet, others on the official YouTube channel of the band. The album was also promoted via the LIFAD company. They sent out packages including a huge banner, T-Shirts, stickers and more. For those who did not get these packages, a digital package was available, including posters and stickers.

The song Ich tu dir weh was indexed in Germany on 11 November 2009. Since then the band was not allowed to play the song live or to sell the album including that song. The band then released the album with a silence of four seconds instead of the song, censored parts of the lyrics in the booklet as well as one of the artwork's pages that got indexed too.

The album's cover and tracklist were censored in the USA. The cover only shows the table without the band, and on the tracklist was a sticker, which changed the song Pussy into P***y.

The limited edition aluminium case contained six dildos. In an interview, drummer Christoph Schneider admitted that the original idea was to have them modelled after the band members' penises, but in the end, they didn't have time to do it.[6]




In the USA, the cover was changed to show an empty table without the naked woman.


Liebe ist für alle da
Liebe ist für alle da cover
Type: 4x Platinum
To: Rammstein


Standard album
  1. Rammlied - 05:18
  2. Ich tu dir weh - 05:01
  3. Waidmanns Heil - 03:32
  4. Haifisch - 03:44
  5. B******** - 04:13
  6. Frühling in Paris - 04:44
  7. Wiener Blut - 03:51
  8. Pussy - 03:58
  9. Liebe ist für alle da - 03:28
  10. Mehr - 04:10
  11. Roter Sand - 03:58
Bonus tracks

Bonus CD:

  1. Führe mich - 04:32
  2. Donaukinder - 05:17
  3. Halt - 04:20
  4. Roter Sand (Orchester Version) - 04:07
  5. Liese - 03:55

iTunes pre-order bonus track

  1. Rammlied (Thrash-Terpiece Remix) - 06:19
Censored German editions
the second track got replaced with:
  1. Ich tu dir weh * - 00:04 (Silence)
    Note saying *entfernt nach Zensur durch die Behörden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Japanese translation
  1. ラムリート
  2. 俺はおまえを痛めつける
  3. 猟師の幸福
  4. B********
  5. バリの春
  6. ウイーン気質
  7. ブッシー
  8. 最愛なる全ての物へ
  9. もっと
  10. 赤い砂
  11. 俺を操れ
  12. ドナウの子供たち
  13. 止まれ
  14. リーゼ