Liebe ist für alle da (album)

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Liebe ist für alle da is the sixth album by Rammstein. It was released on 16 October 2009.

Liebe ist für alle da
Liebe ist für alle da cover
Studio album by Rammstein
Released: 16 October 2009
Recorded: Sonoma Mountain Recording Estate, USA, 2008-2009
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte
Label: Universal
Format: CD, Vinyl, Digital
Length: 49:26
Producer: Jacob Hellner
Stream / Buy: Spotify
Discogs: DiscogsLogo.png
Rammstein album chronology
Liebe ist
für alle da

Singles from Liebe ist für alle da
  1. Pussy (18 September 2009)
  2. Ich tu dir weh (9 February 2010)
  3. Haifisch (28 May 2010)
  4. Waidmanns Heil (16 April 2011)
Special edition
USA cover



The pre-production of the album started in February and went on through October 2008. The band started out in Hermannshagen,[1] where they started jamming ideas and recorded some of the riff ideas and choruses. During that time, which was about a month, the band recorded around 80 to 90 ideas, which were not full songs. After that the band went to their home studio in Berlin to further work on the songs. During that time Richard got annoyed by the process.[2] Then the band started rehearsing the songs in the castle in Beesenstedt. Recordings took longer than usual, because after the long break, the band had to learn to make music together again. Schneider told them, that they should either make everything together or just split up.[3]

First the drums were recorded in Los Angeles, in the Henson Studios. In an interview Paul said:[3]

Die Schlagzeugaufnahmen in den Henson Studios in Los Angeles waren perfekt. Da waren Profis am Werk, es gab einen gut klingenden Aufnahmeraum und das Equipment war erstklassig. Jedes kleine Beckenmodul war teurer als ein polnischer Kleinwagen. Die Leute waren fit und wussten, was sie tun. Damit war eine gute Basis gesetzt, sodass wir alle traurig waren, als wir nach San Francisco losfuhren.

The drum recordings at Henson Studios in Los Angeles were perfect. There were professionals at work, there was a good-sounding recording room and the equipment was first-class. Every little cymbal module was more expensive than a small Polish car. The people were fit and knew what they were doing. This set a good base, so we were all sad when we left for San Francisco.

After recording in Los Angeles for one week,[2] the band drove to the Sonoma Studios in San Francisco, where they stayed for six weeks. Paul said in the same interview:[3]

Dort landeten wir in einem Studio, das mitten in einem Rentner-Ressort lag. Das hatten wir uns anders vorgestellt, denn eigentlich war die Gegend ganz cool. Da rannten Pumas und Rehe rum, aber wir waren am Arsch der Welt, und bei der Buchung konnten wir den Stacheldraht nicht sehen, der alle Wege einzäunte. Wir fühlten uns eingeengt, und hinzu kam, dass das Studio nicht gerade einladend war. Der Besitzer hatte überall unschöne Sachen aufgehängt, die wir erst abhängen mussten. Nach der Entmüllung der Zimmer fühlten wir uns aber langsam besser.

There we ended up in a studio that was in the middle of a retiree resort. We had imagined that differently, because actually the area was quite cool. There were cougars and deer running around, but we were in the middle of nowhere, and when we booked, we couldn't see the barbed wire that fenced off all the paths. We felt cramped, and on top of that, the studio wasn't exactly inviting. The owner had hung unsightly things everywhere that we had to take down first. However, after de-cluttering the rooms, we started to feel better.

All in all it was a very hard album to record, as the band wasn't respecting each others wishes and had to learn to take care of each other again. The band recorded a total of 18 to 20 songs[3] of which 18 songs have been released. 15 on the special edition of the album, plus Mein Land and Vergiss uns nicht on the single for Mein Land, and Gib mir deine Augen on the single for Mein Herz brennt. If there are more finished and unreleased songs, is not known.

The band previewed seven songs from the album to the press. Those songs were Wiener Blut, Waidmann, Pussy, Ich tu dir weh, Haifisch, Mehr and Rammlied.[3]

Other songs

From 2010 to 2012 a total of 29 demos from the sessions of this album leaked on the internet. Beside demos for all songs from the album, there were demos for songs that were not released. If these songs exist only as demos or if there are finished LIFAD-session studio recordings, is not known.


A full list of the demos, that were leaked in February 2012, except where noted:


The album was promoted with a few short advertisings on TV and some exclusive videos on The Gauntlet. One video showed Swedish bodybuilder Irene Andersen, lifting weights in a gym.[4] Another video showed seniors party.[5] A third video showed an older woman turning up the radio, when Frühling in Paris is played.[6] And a fourth video showed a butcher at work, while listening to Waidmanns Heil.[7]


The photo on the cover is shot by Eugenio Recuenco, who is also responsible for all the photos inside the album. The cover shows the band around a table, with a naked woman lying on it. The special edition of the album came inside a cardboard box, which showed the LIFAD heart logo. In the USA the cover was censored and hidden behind an extra paper, which showed the same artwork, but with an empty table on the front. The USA also censored the song title of Pussy to P***y, using a sticker.


The album was indexed in Germany on 11 November 2009, because of the song Ich tu dir weh and the photo of Richard in the booklet, who is about to hit a woman, lying over his lap. The band then released a censored version of the album, which censored the lyrics of Ich tu dir weh in the booklet, and removed the photo of Richard. Additionally the song was replaced by four seconds of silence. While the censored standard edition of the album was available in stores, the censored special edition was only available in the deluxe suitcase.


CD / Digital
  1. Rammlied - 05:18
  2. Ich tu dir weh - 05:01
  3. Waidmanns Heil - 03:32
  4. Haifisch - 03:44
  5. B******** - 04:13
  6. Frühling in Paris - 04:44
  7. Wiener Blut - 03:51
  8. Pussy - 03:58
  9. Liebe ist für alle da - 03:28
  10. Mehr - 04:10
  11. Roter Sand - 03:58
  1. 1. Rammlied - 05:18
    2. Ich tu dir weh - 05:01
    3. Waidmanns Heil - 03:32
  2. 1. Haifisch - 03:44
    2. B******** - 04:13
    3. Frühling in Paris - 04:44
  3. 1. Wiener Blut - 03:51
    2. Pussy - 03:58
    3. Liebe ist für alle da - 03:28
  4. 1. Mehr - 04:10
    2. Roter Sand - 03:58
Bonus tracks

Bonus CD:

  1. Führe mich - 04:32
  2. Donaukinder - 05:17
  3. Halt - 04:20
  4. Roter Sand (Orchester Version) - 04:07
  5. Liese - 03:55

iTunes pre-order bonus track

  1. Rammlied (Thrash-Terpiece Remix) - 06:19
Censored German editions
the second track got replaced with:
  1. Ich tu dir weh * - 00:04 (Silence)
    Note saying *entfernt nach Zensur durch die Behörden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Japanese translation
  1. ラムリート
  2. 俺はおまえを痛めつける
  3. 猟師の幸福
  4. B********
  5. バリの春
  6. ウイーン気質
  7. ブッシー
  8. 最愛なる全ての物へ
  9. もっと
  10. 赤い砂
  11. 俺を操れ
  12. ドナウの子供たち
  13. 止まれ
  14. リーゼ


Release Country Label Type Comment Bonus content Discogs
2009-10-16 Europe Flag of Europe.svg Universal Music CD Digipak DiscogsLogo.png
2009-10-16 Europe Flag of Europe.svg Universal Music CD Digipak Comes in a carboard box Bonus CD DiscogsLogo.png
2009-10-16 Eastern Europe Flag of Europe.svg Universal Music CD Jewelcase DiscogsLogo.png
2009-10-16 Europe Flag of Europe.svg Universal Music Vinyl Gatefold 180g vinyl DiscogsLogo.png
2009-10-16 UK Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Universal Music Vinyl Gatefold 180g pink vinyl DiscogsLogo.png
2009-12-01 Germany Flag of Germany.svg Universal Music CD Suitcase Deluxe edition 2 CD censored special edition
Six dildos
2009-00-00 Germany Flag of Germany.svg Universal Music CD Jewel case Censored DiscogsLogo.png
2009-12-16 Japan Flag of Japan.svg Universal Music CD Digipak SHM CD Bonus CD DiscogsLogo.png
2015-12-04 Europe Flag of Europe.svg Universal Music Vinyl Gatefold As part of the XXI box set Remastered DiscogsLogo.png
2017-12-08 Europe Flag of Europe.svg Universal Music Vinyl Gatefold Standalone release Remastered DiscogsLogo.png