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Flake and Paul

Magdalene Keibel Combo was a side-project during the time of Feeling B.



The band was an idea by Paul and Flake. Aljoscha didn't participate, because either he didn't like the music or it was too silly for him. The band was only a fun project for both to do, whatever they wanted to. The number on the flyer was the phone number of a GDR comedy group, called "Das Ei". Flake and Paul only wanted some people to call them, so they can say: das Ei. The drummers of the band never knew any of the songs they had to play.

At one point they wanted to break a world record and play the longest song ever with "Graf Zahl". They thought about sponsoring by Nike or Coca-Cola. The plan was to play the song for 12 hours and then sleep for 12 hours. It never happened.


The name comes from two streets in Berlin: Magdalenenstrasse (where the Stasi had their headquarter) and Keibelstrasse (where a prison of the Berlin police was).[2]



For a list of all available songs by the band, see this list: Magdalene Keibel Combo songs




Note: only listing performances after being inactive due to Rammstein

Date Location City Location
2000-12-19 Kulturbrauerei Berlin Germany