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Mutter is the third album by Rammstein. It was released on 2 April 2001.

Mutter cover
Studio album by Rammstein
Released: 2 April 2001
Recorded: Studio Miraval, France,
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte
Label: Motor / Universal
Format: CD
Length: 45:02
Price: 17.00€[1]
Producer: Jacob Hellner
Stream / Buy: Spotify
Discogs: DiscogsLogo.png
Rammstein album chronology
Reise, Reise
Singles from Mutter
  1. Sonne (12 February 2001)
  2. Links 2-3-4 (14 May 2001)
  3. Ich will (10 September 2001)
  4. Mutter (25 March 2002)
  5. Feuer frei! (14 October 2002)
Tour edition
Release: 29 October 2001
Tour edition rerelease


Olli at Heiligendamm

The recording sessions took about 20 months altogether. The pre-production started in September 1999 in Haus Weimar, Heiligendamm. The house had absolutely no interior so the band had to install a kitchen and toilets, buy beds and cupboards. During the time all songs, which were written here, ended up on the album. According to Flake "90% waste" were recorded, too. The band stayed here until December 1999 and went to Berlin afterwards, where they kept on working a little bit on the songs. The band was also searching for a recording studio. Olli explained the requirements: "It is supposed to be abroad. The drums should be able to be recorded there so we can play together and change things. And it should be beautiful."

In May 2000 the band went to Studio Miraval in Correns, France. The band recorded all songs here in six weeks. During the recordings, Richard became such a control-freak, that the band nearly split up. Schneider stated: "We reached the limit when it became impossible to mention the name "Richard" without adding an "idiot" or "asshole" ! It’s strange that there were no personal complaints. But as soon as it came to music, Richard was the last person we wanted to listen to. He needed a good lesson!"[2] For one song, not known which, Till wrote 24 different lyrics before finally, everyone in the band agreed.

In June 2000 the band went to the Galaxy Studios in Mol, Belgium, to get the album mixed. The band got help from Ronald Prent, who also mixed both previous albums Herzeleid and Sehnsucht. The label invites journalists to the studio to listen to six different songs, one of them being Sonne, then still known as Klitschko. But the band thought that the mix was too common. Not spectacular enough. The band wanted to get the album mixed by Andy Wallace or Dave Ogilvie, but they were not available at the time. Before getting a new mix for the album, the band plays their first concert in Japan.

The band moved to Stockholm in October 2000. Stefan Glaumann was available to mix the album. Flake says that he was very good and very slow. He needed five days for one song and two days rest. During that time the band moved in to the flat of an elderly couple that had just died. The son wanted the band to not change anything so that he can get over the death of his parents. The band went out in Stockholm and met Peter Tägtgren (which later led to forming the band Lindemann). Flake nearly started a fight with other people in a bar and Peter helped them to calm the situation down. Finally, the mix was done and the band was happy with it.

During a second listening session, eight songs were premiered: Sandmann (working title of Mein Herz brennt), Ohne dich, Mutter, Sonne, Nebel, Adios, Pastor (working title of Halleluja) and Rein raus.

Altogether, 18 songs are known to have been recorded for the album, But only 11 of them were found across all versions of the album. Additionally, the Japanese and US BestBuy editions included an early version of Halleluja titled Hallelujah as a bonus track. The following 2 songs were released on the singles Links 2-3-4 and Mutter respectively:

  1. Halleluja
  2. 5/4

Early versions of the following songs are known to have been recorded as well:

  1. Ohne dich
  2. Los
  3. Mann gegen Mann

Also two to this date unreleased tracks were recorded. It is known, however, that some musical and lyrical ideas were later re-used for other songs.

  1. Claudia
  2. Seid bereit

Footage of the band playing a slower version of the guitar arpeggio of Ein Lied appeared in 2001 in the TV show "MTV Masters" as an intro to Nebel.[3] It is unknown whether the melody was first used in Nebel or an early version of Ein Lied was actually composed during the recording sessions for Mutter.



The album cover caused a lot controversy in Germany. The German "BILD" newspaper and Catholic churches were shocked about the dead baby on the cover. The cover shows a baby that died at birth almost 200 years ago. The baby is conserved in alcohol and was photographed by Daniel Fuchs and Geo Fuchs for their book "Conserving".

The promotional photos were also shot by Daniel and Geo Fuchs. All pictures are inspired by original photos in their book "Conserving". For example Schneider's half head on the Links 2-3-4 single or Olli's forehead wound in the booklet.


CD misprint

The Korean version of the album came in a few pressings with a misprint. The R+ logo was printed mirrored on the CD. Everything else is printed correctly.

The tour edition credits the recording date of the bonus CD to have taken place during a concert on 1 August 2001 in Hanover. Rammstein played no concert on 1 August 2001 in Hanover, that concert was on 1 June 2001. Sonne and Spieluhr were recorded there, Ich will and Links 2-3-4 on 18 May 2001 in Berlin.

The Turkish cassette is misspressed. All songs fade out at 03:44 which is a company mistake.


DiscogsLogo.png A Japanese version with the translated title of ムター includes Hallelujah as a hidden, final track, as well as having an OBI strip on the spine of the case, and an additional Japanese tracklist and lyrics booklet.

DiscogsLogo.png A special Best Buy version from the US included a second, enhanced CD with Hallelujah and the Sonne video.

DiscogsLogo.png There were MCs released in some countries, which contained just the 11 standard songs.

DiscogsLogo.png An LP version was released. The original LP contains 11 songs; comes as a black 12" vinyl and a poster in a gatefold sleeve. A Japanese version of this vinyl has been sold many times on various online marketplaces; it is not official.

DiscogsLogo.png After the release of XXI, all of Rammstein's albums were released as a 180 gram 2xLP set in a gatefold sleeve in 2015. The same is true for Mutter.

DiscogsLogo.png Before the album came out, a promo CD was sent out to some magazines. All tracks were faded out, clocking in at 3 minutes to avoid illegal uploads before the release of the album. This promo CD also sometimes came with an A4 promo folder with numerous info sheets slotted inside.

DiscogsLogo.png A special tour edition with a red cover and a bonus live CD was released (this was also released as a 2 MC in Russia.) In 2004 the tour edition of the album was re-released in the UK as part of Universal's "Archive Collection". On the booklet and in the enhanced part of the CD the song Links 2-3-4 was wrongly called Links 234 In Arbeit, or Links 234 In The Works (a working title, most likely).

DiscogsLogo.png Promotional cassettes were sent out to unknown sources by Mexican radio station Radio Órbita 105.7F.M. It includes special artwork and four tracks, each having a length of 40 seconds. Even though it has a misprint, calling the song Feuer frei! "Feur fuer", it is an official promotional item. Before every track, Till and Paul announce the names of each song in Spanish.

  • Links 2-3-4: Hola somos Rammstein, estas escuchando Links 2-3-4 de nuestro nuevo album Mutter.
  • Adios: Hola somos Rammstein, estas escuchando Adios de nuevo nuestro album Mutter.
  • Zwitter: Hola somos Rammstein, estas escuchando Zwitter, no "Zwitta"... Zwitter de nuestro nuevo album Mutter.
  • Feuer frei!: Hola somos Rammstein, estas escuchando Feuer frei! de nuestro nuevo album Mutter.

Translation: Hello, we are Rammstein. You're listening to "[songname]" off our new album Mutter.

On side B are instructions for a competition to win different awards.

DiscogsLogo.png Also as a promotional item, Universal sent out an interview CD. On that CD Olli and Flake are interviewed. It is not known how long that interview is and what the questions are.


Mutter cover
Type: Gold
Units Sold: Unknown
Awarded: Berlin, Germany Flag of Germany.svg
December, 2005
To: Masterdisk Corporation
From: Universal Music
Other: Includes a unique image of an ultrasound with the Rammstein logo on it.
Mutter cover
Type: Gold
Awarded: Moscow, Russia Flag of Russia.svg
29 November 2004
To: Rammstein
From: Universal Music
Herzeleid, Sehnsucht, Live aus Berlin & Mutter
Herzeleid, Sehnsucht, Live aus Berlin & Mutter cover
Units Sold: 200,000 (each)
To: Rammstein
Mutter cover
Type: Gold
Units Sold: 40,000
Awarded: Netherlands Flag of the Netherlands.svg
To: Universal Music
From: Polydor
Sehnsucht & Mutter
Sehnsucht & Mutter cover
Type: Gold
To: Rammstein
Emanuel Fialik
Mutter cover
Type: Platinum (presumed)
To: Rammstein
Mutter cover
Type: Gold
To: Rammstein


Standard album
  1. Mein Herz brennt - 04:39
  2. Links 2-3-4 - 03:36
  3. Sonne - 04:33
  4. Ich will - 03:37
  5. Feuer frei! - 03:11
  6. Mutter - 04:32
  7. Spieluhr - 04:46
  8. Zwitter - 04:17
  9. Rein raus - 03:10
  10. Adios - 03:50
  11. Nebel - 04:54
Promotional album

Fade-out promotional CD

  1. Mein Herz brennt - 03:00
  2. Links 2-3-4 - 03:00
  3. Sonne - 03:00
  4. Ich will - 03:00
  5. Feuer frei! - 03:00
  6. Mutter - 03:00
  7. Spieluhr - 03:00
  8. Zwitter - 03:00
  9. Rein raus - 03:00
  10. Adios - 03:00
  11. Nebel - 03:00

Mexican promotional cassette

  1. Links 2-3-4 - 00:40
  2. Adios - 00:40
  3. Zwitter - 00:40
  4. Feuer frei! - 00:40
Bonus tracks

Japanese Edition:

  1. Nebel + Hallelujah - 10:33

BestBuy Bonus CD:

  1. Hallelujah - 03:45
  2. Sonne (Video) - 03:58

Tour Edition Bonus CD:

  1. Ich will (Live) - 03:57
  2. Links 2-3-4 (Live) - 04:54
  3. Sonne (Live) - 04:42
  4. Spieluhr (Live) - 05:27
Japanese translation
  1. 燃える心
  2. 前進
  3. 太陽
  4. 欲望
  5. 撃て!
  6. オルゴール
  7. 両性具有
  8. イン&アウト
  9. アディオス
  10. ハレルヤ


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