Orgasm Death Gimmick

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A promotional picture of the band

Orgasm Death Gimmick is one of the bands that Richard Kruspe has previously played in.


Orgasm Death Gimmick was formed in 1991 in Berlin. In August 1991 they produced their first demo tape. Ten months later in June 1992, they produced their second demo tape. In February 1993 they produced their third and last demo tape. During the year, the band was disbanded.


Drummer Sascha Moser later became a member of the band "Bobo In White Wooden Houses" and created a remix for Rammstein on Du riechst so gut '98.


  • Dietmar Schmidt - Vocals, Trumpet
  • Sven Kruspe - Guitar
  • Martin Rauer - Bass
  • Sascha Moser - Drums