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*1988: Die 3 von der Tankstelle - [[The Best of Die 3 von der Tankstelle (album)|The Best of Die 3 von der Tankstelle]]
*1988: Die 3 von der Tankstelle - [[The Best of Die 3 von der Tankstelle (album)|The Best of Die 3 von der Tankstelle]]
*1990: Die Art - [[Fear (album)|Fear]]
*1990: Die Art - [[Fear (album)|Fear]]
*1993: [[Die Firma]] - [[Kinder der Maschinenrepublik (album)|Kinder der Maschinenrepublik]]

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Paul Landers



Born: 9 December 1964 (Age 54)
East Berlin, East Germany Flag of East Germany.svg
Previous bands: Magdalene Keibel Combo
Happy Straps
Die Firma
Feeling B
Member of: Rammstein


Paul Landers (born as Heiko Paul Hiersche, December 9th, 1964, East Berlin) is the rhythm guitarist for the band Rammstein.


Early life

Paul Landers was born in East Berlin. His mother was born in Poland and his father came from the former German areas of Czechoslovakia. He lived in Moscow for a short time as a young child. Landers can speak Russian but he can't read or write it.

Music career

In 1983, Landers formed the East German punk band, Feeling B, together with Flake and Aljoscha Rompe, in which Christoph Schneider would later also play. In 1986, Landers formed First Arsch with Till Lindemann and Richard Kruspe. He also played in a number of other bands including Die Firma and Magdalene Keibel Combo.

Lindemann, Kruspe, Schneider, and bassist Oliver Riedel entered and won the Berlin Senate Metro Beat Contest in 1994 that enabled them to have a four-track demo professionally recorded. Landers and Flake soon followed suit to join the band which became known as Rammstein.

Oddly, he has stated that he does not like rock, but "with Rammstein, it seems to work".

Personal life

When he married Nikki Landers in 1984 (at the age of 20), he took his wife's surname and switched his middle and first name, thus making his name Paul Landers. After their divorce in 1987, he kept her last name. Paul also has a son from a previous marriage, Emil Reinke (b. June 20, 1990), who is an actor.

After his divorce from Nikki Landers, he lived with his Feeling B band mate Flake for a number of years.





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