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Origin: Oranienburg, Germany Flag of Germany.svg
Active: 1965 - 2016
Genre: Pop Rock
Website: www.puhdys.de
Dieter Birr: Vocals
Dieter Hertrampf
Peter Meyer
Peter Rasym
Klaus Scharfschwerdt
Gunter Wosylus (formerly)
Harry Jeske (formerly)

The Puhdys were a German rock band, formed in Oranienburg (Brandenburg), GDR, in 1969. Read more...

Connection to Rammstein

  • Flake and Paul are congratulating the band on their concert DVD Das 3000. Konzert.[1]
  • Till Lindemann featured as a guest vocalist on the single Wut will nicht sterben. Due to contractual issues with Rammstein's label, later editions of the single saw Till's vocals removed from the song and featured a different tracklist and artwork.