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The '''RammsteinShop''' is [[Rammstein]]'s official retail store
The '''RammsteinShop''' is [[Rammstein]]'s official retail store.

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Origin: Germany Flag of Germany.svg
Website: shop.rammstein.de

The RammsteinShop is Rammstein's official retail store.


Originally opened as mailorder - simply called Mailorder - it was made available online in 2001[1] and is selling a vast variety of merchandise of the band, all branded under Rammstein and related projects.


Over the years, the website has had many designs, which often reflected the theme of the newest released album at the time. This also applies to the main Rammstein website itself.

The shop website closed around the end of September 2002[2][3] before adapting a new design based on the Mutter artwork color scheme.[4].


XXI Box Competition

On December 2, 2015 a competition was held, where fans were asked about their favourite Rammstein song. The winner was able to win the XXI box number 6, with a written dedication by the band.[5]

Reise, Reise Golden Tickets

On April 14, 2017, Rammstein's official Facebook page posted an announcement regarding chances to win a 'golden ticket' in a random package from the shop.[6] Only two tickets were provided worldwide, each packed within a single order. Winning a ticket would entitle the winner to travel with a friend to any 2017 Tour concert date anywhere in the world; hotel included.


Date url Notes
2001 - 2013 http://www.rammsteinshop.de/
2001 - 2005 http://www.rammsteinshop.com/ English version
2012 - 2013 http://www.rammsteinshop.us/ North American Shop
2013 - present https://shop.rammstein.de/