Rammstein in Dub

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Rammstein in Dub is an unreleased dub remix project from 2014.


The idea for this project came from the owner of the dub label Echo Beach, Nicolai Beverungen. Through Rex Joswig (band member of Herbst in Peking) he got in contact with Flake and Till, to whom he explained the idea, who both liked the idea of Rammstein as dub music remixes. They told him to take care of all the copyright stuff. In the meantime Nicolai also talked to the management of the band, which sent him stems for three songs.

With those stems the bands/artists Dubblestandart, Aldubb, Robo Bass Hifi and Umberto Echo created a total of four remixes. Nicolai sent those remixes back to the management, but has yet to hear any answer on this. Also neither Flake nor Till got back to him, which is why this project remains unreleased.

At least the Robo Bass Hifi remix of Du hast made it into an online radio show, which can be heard here.


  1. Du hast (Aldubb Dub) - 04:24
  2. Du hast (Robo Bass Hifi Dub) - 04:12
  3. Mein Herz brennt (Umberto Echo Dub) - 04:22
  4. Amerika (Dubblestandart Dub) - 03:46