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|Image = SebastianT.png
|Image = SebastianT.png
|Role = Multi-Instrumentalist
|Role = Multi-Instrumentalist
|Born = 6 July 1998<br>Sweden{{flag|Sweden}}
|Born = {{Birth date and age|6 July |df=y}}1998<br>Sweden{{flag|Sweden}}
|Died =
|Died =
|Parents = [[Peter Tägtgren]] <br>  
|Parents = [[Peter Tägtgren]] <br>  

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Sebastian Tägtgren



Born: Error: Need valid birth date: year, month, day1998
SwedenFlag of Sweden.svg
Parents: Peter Tägtgren

Sebastian Tägtgren (born 6 July 1998) is a Swedish musician and son of Peter Tägtgren.

Music career

Sebastian Tägtgren has been cited by his father, Peter, as working close with him on up to 20 new tracks.[1] It is unknown what these tracks are for, but it can be suspected (due to Sebastian's involvement with Lindemann) that the new tracks are Lindemann-related.

Connection to Lindemann

Tägtgren is responsible for the instrumental track behind Mathematik by Lindemann.