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'''''Seemann''''' is the 2nd video by [[Rammstein (band)|Rammstein]]. It was premiered on January 8, 1996.
'''Seemann''' is the 2nd music video off the debut album ''[[Herzeleid (album)|Herzeleid]]'' by [[Rammstein (band)|Rammstein]].

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Seemann is the 2nd music video off the debut album Herzeleid by Rammstein.

Seemann cover
Music video by Rammstein
Single: Seemann
Director: Laszlo Kadar
Location: Hamburg
Shoot: December 1995
Premiere: January 8, 1996
Length: 04:21
Video chronology
Du riechst so gut Seemann Rammstein



The video shows the band on a boat, which is stuck in sand. Flake is trying to toss it out, while Till is singing the song. The video often cuts to a woman standing on a street.


  • Director & DoP: Laszlo Kadar
  • Editor: Claudia Gotzheim
  • Art Director: Jesse Benson
  • Producer: Olrik Kleiner for Kadar Film