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Origin: Berlin, German Democratic Republic Flag of German Democratic Republic.svg
Band members
  • Flake
  • Frank "Trötsch" Tröger

Stoffwechsel was a side-project during the time of Feeling B.


The only released songs are Der Zug (recorded 1987)[1] and Fly, Fliege, Fly (recorded 1989)[2] on Spannung. Leistung. Widerstand. The latter of both doesn't feature Flake[3] and was later released on Frank "Trötsch" Tröger's solo album Le Petit Orkos[4]. Der Zug was performed live on 22.09.2006.


Note: only listing performances after being inactive due to Rammstein

Date Location City Location
22.09.2006 Volksbühne Berlin Germany