Unknown Instrumental (song)

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Unknown Instrumental is an unreleased song by Rammstein.

Unknown Instrumental
Song from the album 6-Track Demo
Length: 06:04
Time signature: 4/4
Tempo: 51
Key: E minor




Title Length Description Release
Unknown Instrumental 06:04 Demo version 6-Track Demo 1


  • This song only appears on a self-made demo tape by Richard from 1994. Nothing is known about the song, other than its recording.
  • Some of the picking in this song was later re-used in the song Mutter. As well as the baby sample, which is longer in this song.
  • Parts of the song were later reused in We Are Together by Emigrate.
  • When a fan asked Richard about the song during a meet and greet on their Europe Stadium Tour 2019, Richard said, that he wrote the song for a marriage.
  • The name Unknown Instrumental is made up by fans, because the tape has no cover and therefore the real name of the song is unknown.