Wir wollen immer artig sein (album)

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Wir wollen immer artig sein is an album by the band Feeling B. It was released some time in 1989.

Wir wollen immer artig sein
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Studio album by Feeling B
Released: 1989
Genre: Punk
Length: 40:21
Feeling B album chronology
Live in der Seelenbinder-Halle
Wir wollen immer artig sein


This tape is an earlier version of the album Hea Hoa Hoa Hea Hea Hoa. It has some bigger and some smaller differences in the songs. Some songs do not have any difference from the later released versions. The biggest difference is that the song Geh zurück in dein Buch is not on this tape. It is replaced by the song Graf Zahl (but still with the other song written on the tracklist). Graf Zahl did not appear on the album later and was first released on the 2007 compilation Grün & Blau.

Other differences:
Artig: The version on this tape is nearly 1 minute longer than on the album. It has a native American-style intro with drums and a repeated "Hea hoa" before then directly starting the song.
Mix mir einen Drink: About 10 seconds shorter on this tape.
Am Horizont: About 10 seconds longer on this tape.
Du wirst den Gipfel nie erreichen: About 20 seconds longer on this tape.
Tschaka: About 10 seconds longer on this tape.
Ich weiß nicht, was soll es: About 1 minute shorter on this tape.


Standard album
  1. Artig - 03:31
  2. Kim Wilde - 02:59
  3. Mix mir einen Drink - 03:47
  4. Horizont - 03:43
  5. Frusti, mach's gut - 02:32
  6. Graf Zahl - 02:39
  7. Lied von der unruhevollen Jugend - 04:02
  8. Ohne Bewußtsein - 03:20
  9. Alles ist so ununheimlich - 03:01
  10. Du wirst den Gipfel nie erreichen - 04:23
  11. Tschaka - 03:12
  12. Ich weiß nicht was - 02:07