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XXI is a compilation by Rammstein, which includes all previously six released albums and a special bonus LP, not available anywhere else.

XXI cover
Compilation album by Rammstein
Released: December 4, 2015
Recorded: 1994-2009
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte
Label: Universal
Format: Vinyl
Length: 351:02
Producer: Jacob Hellner


  • All albums are remastered and pressed on 180g 12" vinyl.
  • "Herzeleid", "Sehnsucht", "Reise, Reise" and "Rosenrot" are released on vinyl for the first time.
  • "Liebe ist für alle da" was only slightly changed on the vinyl stickers. The credits are now a bit longer.
  • The backpaper of the box has a small mistake on it: under the song "Halleluja" it says that the single for "Links 2-3-4" was released in 1998.
  • The box includes the special double album "Raritäten".
  • "Raritäten" is missing the songs "Ohne dich (Beta Version)", "5/4" and "Pet Sematary".
  • Therefore "Raritäten" includes the exclusive and before-then unreleased rock version of "Los".
  • The box is limited to 14,000 copies world wide.


  • On all LPs the Pilgrim logo was replaced by the Rammstein logo.
  • Also in all booklets the lyrics were re-arranged a little bit to fit more the new 12" size.


  • The band name is embossed on the cover.


  • The original booklet had six pages, the LP booklet has just three.
  • The band name was not printed with silver foil on the cover.


  • The album was extended to a double disc LP. The original first press had just one disc.
  • The logo on front and back of the "Mutter" cover was replaced with a new and thicker version of the logo.
  • After the solo in "Spieluhr" Till repeats two lines, which then extend the chorus.
  • The transition between "Rein raus" and "Adios has been removed due to the vinyl separation.

Reise, Reise

  • The band name is embossed on the cover.
  • The transition between "Dalai Lama" and "Keine Lust has been removed due to the vinyl separation.
  • The transition between "Amerika" and "Moskau" has been removed due to the vinyl separation.
  • During "Stein um Stein", the "ramm" from the line "Wenn ich sie in dein Leibholz ramm" has been repeated while the pause.


  • The band name is embossed on the cover.
  • The ship at the end of the CD booklet is missing in the LP booklet.
  • The tracklist was changed a tiny little bit: while the CD tracklist says "Stirb nicht vor mir (Don't Die Before I Do)" the vinyl uses "Stirb nicht vor mir / Don't Die Before I Do".
  • The lyrics of "Spring" and "Rosenrot" were switched on the booklet pages.
  • During the first chorus of "Benzin" two of the "Benzin" were moved to the main riff before the second verse.
  • "Spring" includes one previously unreleased line.
  • All the female background voices and shouts on "Te Quiero Puta!" were removed and the female vocals on the bridge changed.


  • The mistake saying that the single "Links 2-3-4" was released in 1998 is also on the credits on the tracklist of the vinyl itself.
  • The intro of "Das Modell" was edited heavily.
  • "Donaukinder" is missing the guitar solo, has the children choir sing without Till and a different synth whilst the last refrain.


  • All six albums have the standard 11 tracks on them.
A1 Feuerräder (Demo) 04:47 Engel (Fan-Edition)
A2 Wilder Wein (Demo) 05:41 Engel (Fan-Edition)
A3 Das Modell 04:46 Das Modell
A4 Kokain 03:09 Das Modell
B1 Stripped 04:25 Stripped
B2 Halleluja 03:45 Links 2-3-4
B3 Mein Herz brennt (Piano Version) 04:31 Mein Herz brennt
B4 Los (Full Band Version) 05:06 Exclusive
C1 Führe mich 04:32 Liebe ist für alle da
C2 Donaukinder 05:17 Liebe ist für alle da
C3 Halt 04:20 Liebe ist für alle da
C4 Roter Sand (Orchester Version) 04:07 Liebe ist für alle da
D1 Liese 03:55 Liebe ist für alle da
D2 Mein Land 03:53 Mein Land
D3 Vergiss uns nicht 04:10 Mein Land
D4 Gib mir deine Augen 03:44 Mein Herz brennt