You Are So Beautiful (Acoustic) (video)

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You Are So Beautiful (Acoustic) is a music video off the single You Are So Beautiful (Acoustic) by Emigrate.

You Are So Beautiful (Acoustic)
You Are So Beautiful (Acoustic) cover
Music video by Emigrate
Director: David Gesslbauer
Premiere: 1 February 2019
Length: 04:14
Video chronology
You Are So Beautiful You Are So Beautiful (Acoustic) War



The video shows Richard on a stage, playing the song. In front of him sits his daughter. The videos often cuts to Richard and his daughter dancing or him carrying her in his arms. His daughter has a white box with a pink ribbon on it. When she opens the box, the video ends without showing what was inside.


Universal held a competition to win the original box from the video, signed by Richard and including some special Emigrate merchandising.[1]




  • Director of Photography: David Gesslbauer
  • Camera: Pierre Castillo Bernad
  • Production: Emigrate Productions