xx.xx.1994 (concert in Potsdam)

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Performance by Rammstein
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg
City: Potsdam
Event: Unknown[1]
Tour: Club Tour
Supporting: The Inchtabokatables


  • In Heute hat die Welt Geburtstag, there is a passage describing an open air festival in Potsdam.[1]
    • Not many people attended the concert.[1]
    • This was the first concert that Rammstein promoted.[1]
    • The band brought a friend who was a drug addict. He interrupted the concert several times, until they stopped playing and locked him up in their van.[1]
    • The drug addict was actually Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt from Sandow.[2]
  • The concert happened in Summer 1994, but after Rammstein toured with Sandow.[1]


The complete setlist is unknown.


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