Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 159 (compilation)

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Cold Hands Seduction
Cold Hands Seduction cover
Compilation album by Sonic Seducer
Released 21.10.2014
Genre Alternative
Label None
Producer Various

Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 159 was released on 21.10.2014 as part of issue 11/14 of the German magazine Sonic Seducer.


The reason this compilation is special, is because it features an exclusive remix of Emigrate, which will nowhere else be released in a physical form (only as a bonus track on iTunes).


# Artist Track Length
01 Emigrate Eat You Alive (Aesthetic Perfection Remix) [feat. Frank Dellé] 04:07
02 KMFDM Salvation 05:36
03 Menschdefekt Touch Of Madness 04:17
04 Velvet Acid Christ Eye H8 U 03:44
05 Aeon Sable Visions (Seth: Idra Rabba Mix) 06:09
06 Film Ping Pong With Angels 04:47
07 Harmjoy My Tears Fall 05:24
08 Junksista I Hate You 03:05
09 Circuito Cerrado Noize In The Sky 04:34
10 NZ No Time To Stay 03:01
11 Guilt Trap Creep And Crawl 05:05
12 Blueneck Man Of Lies 04:22
13 Voodooma (feat. Veronika Seidlova) Sanctus Domine (Video Edit) 04:41
14 Hydroxie Schwarz 05:34
15 Cardinal Noire Narkomat 03:53
16 Psy'Aviah (feat. Lis van den Akker) Never Enough 04:17
17 Paranoid Android Humanoid 04:48