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Over the years Rammstein have released a variety of different alcoholic drinks.

Feuer & Wasser

RammsteinShop description

Vodka made by RAMMSTEIN.

Especially produced for Rammstein, in a classy glass-bottle with a lace-style finish and matching metal packaging.

A vodka of the highest quality. Distilled several times from the whole grain, cleaned in a traditional, top secret filtration process and finished with water specially prepared for vodka, making it a product of exceptional purity and mildness.

Hand-filled in small batches in Berlin, the bottles are carefully checked and packed.



The Tequila is made by Padre Azul, a brand also owned by the friend of the band, Stefan Kretzschmar.

RammsteinShop description

Handmade and hand-bottled by hand especially for RAMMSTEIN: This Tequila Reposado from Mexico has been aged in French oak barrels for at least eight months. Conserved fruit and agave aromas are paired with vanilla and caramel notes in this Reposado that is silky smooth with a sweet aftertaste. The color is bright golden yellow. The leather case is 100% handmade and laces up the back. The 260 gram, cast-iron cap features a 3D version of RAMMSTEIN’s logo.

Years before its public release, this Tequila, along with a bottle of Vodka was given as a gift to people who interviewed the band.



RammsteinShop description

This semi-dry rosé wine is made from Grenache Rouge and Cabernet Franc grapes and comes from Greece. The intense colour of the vintage 2017 hides many aromas of cherry, raspberry and a hint of caramel - perfect with light dishes, salads and desserts.



RammsteinShop description

Rammstein RUM is the perfect friendship between Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana. Combining traditional Pot Still Rum and the classic Column Still Rum, you will find a perfectly balanced mix of powerful nose and smooth taste. A unique blend of rums that are tropically aged up to 12 years, taking your imagination to the sandy beaches of the Carribean.


Red Army Vodka

Rammstein gave a case of Red Army Vodka, including six shot glasses, a large AK-47-shaped glass bottle of Vodka, a glass grenade filled with liqueur, and a unique thank you card from Rammstein which reads "Wir sagen danke!" to various people. It is unknown when this set was distributed, and who to, but it is presumed that it was given to interviewers, or people who worked closely with the band.

Rammsteiner Pilsner

This beer debuted at the first show in Gelsenkirchen. 12 packs and 6 packs of this beer are orderable from the RammsteinShop.