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When the band was signed by Motor Music, they had to play a couple of concerts and tours for investors and retailers to promote the band and label. Most of these concerts were played from 1994-1996, but they also played some concerts years later when the band was already successful. Most of them are unknown though, because it were private events.

Known concerts

Date Venue / Event City Country
1994-02-xx Kulturbrauerei Berlin Germany
1996-05-02 PolyGram World Congress Hong Kong UK
2004-09-30 10 Jahre Motor Berlin Germany

Questionable/Unknown concerts

  • various concerts in breweries, castles or on ships
  • one concert in Essen
  • one concert in a bavarian forest, with Phillip Boa and Marusha. This concert was before or around the time Du riechst so gut was released.
  • one festival some time before Reise Reise. The band was dressed in stereotypical German clothing, which they liked so much that they used it in the following tour.


  • The band stayed in expensive hotels with minibars in the rooms, and at the end of the first showcase tour they got a bill of 46,000 DM (≈$29,000) because they didn't know that they had to pay for the drinks.


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