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When the band was signed by Motor Music, they had to play a couple of concerts and tours for investors and retailers to promote the band and label. Most of these concerts were played from 1994-1996, but they also played some concerts years later when the band was already successful. Most of them are unknown though, because it were private events.

Known concerts

Date Venue / Event City Country
1994-02-25/26 Kulturbrauerei Berlin Flag of Germany.svg Germany
1996-05-02 PolyGram World Congress Hong Kong Flag of the United Kingdom.svg UK
2004-09-30 10 Jahre Motor Berlin Flag of Germany.svg Germany

Questionable/Unknown concerts

  • various concerts in breweries, castles or on ships
  • one concert in Essen
  • one concert in a bavarian forest, with Phillip Boa and Marusha. This concert was before or around the time Du riechst so gut was released.
  • one festival some time before the release of Reise, Reise. The band was dressed in stereotypical German clothing, which they liked so much that they used it in the following tour.


  • The band stayed in expensive hotels with minibars in the rooms, and at the end of the first showcase tour they got a bill of 46,000 DM (≈$29,000) because they did not know that they had to pay for the drinks.


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