Live aus Berlin (video)

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Live aus Berlin
Live aus Berlin cover
VHS/DVD by Rammstein
Released 31.08.1999
Genre Neue Deutsche Härte
Label Universal
Producer Jacob Hellner
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Rammstein chronology
Du hast / Stripped
Live aus Berlin

Live aus Berlin is the first commercial live video by Rammstein. It was released on 31.08.1999.


The concert was recorded during Rammstein's 1998 tour. The recording dates were 22.08.1998 and 23.08.1998.

For some editing of choires and crowd cheering, Motor Music invited 200 fans to Berlin. From 24.10.1998 to 26.10.1998 the fans were singing and cheering, the best they could.

Computer Quiz

The quiz contains hundreds of questions with three possible answers. You can access the quiz by putting the DVD into your PC and open it. After finishing three levels you get to download an exclusive Rammstein wallpaper (no longer available) and you get the code for a hidden video on the DVD.

Easter Eggs

There is one known hidden easter egg on the DVD. You either get the code for it by completing all three levels in the computer quiz, or by just typing number 23 on your remote in the main menu. That will unlock the promotional video for "Stripped".

For the DVD it is also possible to delete the guitar channels from the 5.1 audio mix. So you only hear vocals, keyboard, drums and bass.


The concert is available in different formats: CD, censored VHS (excluding "Bück dich", FSK16), uncensored VHS (including "Bück dich", FSK18) and as a censored DVD.


In September 1999 the complete uncensored live video was presented in eight cities in Germany, the dates can be seen below.

Date Venue City
1999-09-03 Incognito Munich
1999-09-04 Live Music Hall Cologne
1999-09-05 Grünspan Hamburg
1999-09-06 Kesselhaus Berlin
1999-09-07 Easy Schorre Halle
1999-09-08 Batschkapp Frankfurt am Main
1999-09-09 Dominion Club Magdeburg
1999-09-10 Scheune Dresden


Censored video/DVD

Uncensored video

USA promotional video

  1. Intro
  2. Sehnsucht
  3. Outro

Official short version

The short version of the concert is available on the official YouTube channel of the band

  1. Rammstein
  2. Sehnsucht
  3. Weisses Fleisch
  4. Engel
  5. Seemann