Praise Abort Remixes (single)

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Praise Abort Remixes is the sister-single for Praise Abort by Lindemann. It was released on 29.05.2015.

Praise Abort Remixes
Praise Abort Remixes cover
Single by Lindemann
Released: May 29, 2015
Recorded: Abyss Studio, Pärlby
Genre: Industrial
Format: Digital
Length: 20:47
Label: Warner Music
Producer: Peter Tägtgren
Lindemann chronology
Praise Abort
Praise Abort Remixes
Fish On


This release is only digitally available[1]. But all remixes are also available on the physical single.


Standard single

  1. Praise Abort (Clemens Wijers Remix) - 04:42
  2. Praise Abort (Ostblockschlampen Remix) - 04:19
  3. Praise Abort (Hedberg & Larsson Remix) - 04:22
  4. Fat (Jonas Kjellgren Remix) - 03:03
  5. Fat (Oliver Huntemann Electronica Mix) - 04:21