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Rammstein is a book by Gert Hof about the band. It was released on August 2, 2001.

Rammstein cover
Released: August 2, 2001
Format: Hardcover, Softcover
Label: Die Gestalten Verlag


The book includes early lyrics to different songs, chapters by every band member, except for Olli, and hundreds of photos from photoshoots or concerts, including some private shots with family members.

The lyrics to Sehnsucht were later also released in the book Yukon.


Page Chapter
3 Vorwort - Wie der Panzerkreuzer Aurora
Intro - Like the battleship Aurora
16 Rammstein ist eine Katastrophe
Rammstein is a disaster
26 Wo liegt das Problem?
What's the problem?
31 Meine Vorliebe ist die altdeutsche Sprache
My predilection for the old German language
34 Rammstein hätte es im Westen nie gegeben
Rammstein could not have happened in the West
40 So ein Konzert kann sehr lang sein
Such a concert can be very long
50 Herzeleid
54 Heirate mich
Marry Me
56 Bestrafe mich
Punish Me
58 Asche zu Asche
Ashes To Ashes
72 Weißes Fleisch
White Flesh
74 Engel
76 Sandmann
106 Spieluhr
Musical Clock
110 Sehnsucht
134 Mikis Theodorakis (Interview)