Release Format Legend

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Symbol Format
Format CD.png
Compact Disc
Format CDr.png
Compact Disc (Recordable)
Format CDROM.png
Compact Disc ROM (Read-Only Memory)
Format Mini.png
Compact Disc (Mini)
Format DVD.png
Digital Versatile Disc
Format DVDr.png
Digital Versatile Disc (Recordable)
Format CD.png
Digital Versatile Disc ROM (Read-Only Memory)
Format BD.png
Blu-Ray Disc
Format DAT.png
Digital Audio Tape
Format MC.png
Cassette Tape
Format VHS.png
Video Home System
Format Hi8.png
8mm Video
Format 12in.png
12 Inch Vinyl
Format 10in.png
10 Inch Vinyl
Format 7in.png
7 Inch Vinyl