Sadist (song)

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Song by Rammstein
Live debut: 11 October 1996
Last played: 11 October 1996
A photo of the setlist listing the song

Sadist was a working title for some song that was later released on Sehnsucht or one of its singles. It could be one of the following songs: Engel, Tier, Klavier, Eifersucht, Küss mich (Fellfrosch) or Kokain.[1] [2]


  1. Breakout magazine 3/97: "In the beginning of January, Rammstein were invited to Berlin by journalists to present excerpts of the new material. Alongside with "Sehnsucht", which many of you may be familiar with under the name "Afrika", they presented "Bück dich", "Alter Mann", "Du hast", "Spiel mit mir", "Bestrafe mich" and "Sadist" - the last one is still just a working title, the song may be subsequently renamed. (Bad news for all the diehard fans: "Feuerräder" will not be included in the new album!)" (Note: translated)
  2. Sweden Rock Magazine 1/2021: "Did you record songs like Schwarzes Glas, Tiefer gelegt, Sadist or were they already thinned out? - I'm not very sure. So, I know what we recorded but what went where I do not exactly know. I know there was a song called "Sadist" which in some form came out in connection with the album "Sehnsucht"." (Note: translated)