Te Quiero Puta! (song)

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Te Quiero Puta! is the 9th song on the album Rosenrot by Rammstein.

Te Quiero Puta!
Song by Rammstein from the album Rosenrot
GEMA database ID: 8138069-001
ISWC: T-802.252.419-3
Working title(s): Ich bin[1]
Recorded: 2005
Teldex Studio, Berlin Flag of Germany.svg
Released: October 27, 2005
Length: 03:55
Time signature: 4/4
Tempo: 160
Key: C minor
Live debut: November 25, 2010
Last played: January 2, 2019
Producer(s): Jacob Hellner
Mixed: Stefan Glaumann
Toytown Studios, Stockholm Flag of Sweden.svg
Mastered: Howie Weinberg
Masterdisk, New York City Flag of the United States.svg
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  • The song features Carmen Zapata on the backing vocals.
  • In March 2004, a song with the length of 3:34 entitled Ich bin was found in the GEMA database. Later that month the German magazine "Sonic Seducer" published a tracklist of the 4th album, where Ich bin was listed as the 6th track.[2] According to some people who have heard this song, it had different, German lyrics, the line sung in the chorus was "Ich bin ergeben, so ergeben". Paul confirmed in an interview that the song was eventually reworked and subsequently released with new, Spanish lyrics as Te Quiero Puta!.[3] According to him, the main guitar riff was not changed, the first line of the first verse was "Ich steckte meinen linken Fuß in einen Pfuhl, der stinken muss" and the chorus was "Оmm, wie erleuchtet... Omm, ich bin total erleuchtet". The band members did not like these lyrics, so Till had to come up with something different for the song.[4] Some of these lyrics were released in 2015 as the poem Hare Krishna in Till's book In stillen Nächten.



Title Release Length Recorded Released Notes
Te Quiero Puta! Rosenrot 03:55 2005 October 27, 2005
Te Quiero Puta! XXI 03:55 2005 December 4, 2015 Remastered
Different female vocal take
Ich bin 03:34 2003 GEMA database
Demo version



Type Description First played Last played

Professional recordings

Date Type Location City Country Notes


Album version

Hey amigos...

(Adelante amigos)

Vamos vamos mi amor
Me gusta mucho tu sabor
No no no no tu corazón
Mucho mucho tu limón

Dame de tu fruta
Vamos mi amor...

Te quiero puta
Te quiero puta
(Ay que rico)

Ay que rico un dos tres
Sí te deseo otra vez
Pero no no no tu corazón
Más más más de tu limón

Dame de tu fruta
Dame de tu fruta
Vamos mi amor...

Te quiero puta
Te quiero puta
(Ay que rico)

Entre tus piernas voy a llorar
Feliz y triste voy a estar
Feliz y triste voy a estar

(Más más más por favor
Más más más sí sí señor
Más más más por favor
Más más más sí sí señor
No me tengas miedo
No te voy a comer
Más más más por favor
Más más más sí sí señor
Sí sí señor)

Te quiero puta
Te quiero puta
(Dámelo dámelo)
Te quiero puta


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