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One unreleased and unknown song by Emigrate was recorded during the time of "Silent So Long".


The lyrics to this song were shown in the Webisode 4 at 03:09. It is not known to which song those lyrics belong (maybe "Spitfire" or "War"). It is interesting that the lyrics were not completely finished, therfore there are some options for words or full lines in brackets or separated by a slash.


NOTE: The lyrics are NOT complete because not everything could be read from the scene in the video.

Find a way to (Another day I)

Drive (Go) so far away while (as) it All goes up in flames

I try to get (to stay) high

I try to get high when I See no other way To let the light in fightning Through another day If I could only Drain you from my veins / Take (Kill) away the pain / Wash away the stain Wash away what once was (And) I could get away / Get another face / Put something in place

And still I take it with me Everywhere I go Followed by memories I (We) wish I (we) didn't know / I wish I'd never know / That take me down below Diamond knives that / Another knife that Cut(s) straight to the bone / Cut right through (to) the bone Another shadow Won't (it won't) drag me down below / I can't let it drag me down below