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12.06.1999 (concert)

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12 June 1999
Performance of "Spiel mit mir" guitar solo
Concert by Rammstein
Show count:#304
Country:United States
City:St. Paul, MN
Tour:Sehnsucht Tour
Tour leg:North American leg 1999
Support acts:Soulfly

Mindless Self Indulgence
Video:AUD, complete (1)
Rammstein touring chronology
11 Jun 1999 12 Jun 1999 14 Jun 1999
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  • During the first verse of Weißes Fleisch, Till started singing the line "Jetzt hast du Angst und ich bin soweit" a bit late.[1]
  • During the instrumental part in Asche zu Asche, Schneider lost his right drumstick and had to quickly grab a spare.[1]
  • The intro to Stripped was played, followed by silence, and then the band started playing Du riechst so gut. It is unknown why the song was skipped.[1]
  • During Du riechst so gut, Riсhard made a mistake, he seemingly confused the guitar solo part with the short break after the first chorus of the song, that confused Paul, who started playing the solo just in time, but stopped after a few notes. After realizing his mistake, Richard started playing the main riff. Shortly after, Paul began playing the solo again, and then Richard switched to playing it along with him.[1]
  • The sparkling bow was used at the beginning of Du hast instead of Du riechst so gut this time, apparently because it was unprepared due to Stripped getting skipped.[1]
  • During the first refrain of Bück dich, Till replaced the second "Bück dich" with "Fick dich".[1]




  • There is a complete audience video recording of this concert. (Link)


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