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ООО «Астико центр»
CD Pressing Plant
CEO:Рыбальский Павел Николаевич
(Rybalsky Pavel Nikolaevich)
Active from:Unknown - 2004

ООО "Астико-Центр" (romanized as "LLC Astiko-Center") was a Russian CD pressing plant. It allegedly behaved as both a legitimate pressing company, and as a pirate one, too. Prior to adopting the name "ООО «Астико центр»", the company already existed under the alias "ООО «АБС-2000»", under which it would undergo illegal activities.[1]

Connection to Rammstein

ООО «Астико центр» were commissioned by CDLabs to produce Schtiel CDs for the Harley Party in 2003, due to CDLabs' inability to factory press CDs.