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|Last played=
|Release=[[White Sheep (album)|White Sheep]]
|Release=[[White Sheep (album)|White Sheep]]
|1= [[Intro (The Inchtabokatables song)|Intro]]
|1= [[Intro (The Inchtabokatables song)|Intro]]

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Can't You Sleep
Song by The Inchtabokatables from the album White Sheep
Released:20 March 1993
White Sheep tracklist
  1. Intro
  2. To Be
  3. No More Silence
  4. Black Miner
  5. Father
  6. Rosenrot
  7. Johnny
  8. In die Raghandi
  9. Water
  10. Three Gipsies
  11. After The Show
  12. Extro (No More Silence, Waltz)
  13. Can't You Sleep
  14. White Sheep

Can't You Sleep is the thirteenth song on the album White Sheep by The Inchtabokatables.


  • The song is continuous counting from "516 Sheep" to 666.