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Mutter 8-Track Tape

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Mutter 8-Track Tape is a promotional cassette by Rammstein. It was given to a journalist, who was present at the video shoot for Sonne.

Mutter 8-Track Tape
Album by Rammstein
Recorded:Studio Miraval, France,
Producer:Jacob Hellner
Released:13 - 15 January 2001


  • The tape includes eight different songs, of which only six were released on the Mutter album.
  • The tape uses working titles for three songs. All were later renamed:
    • Sandmann was renamed to Mein Herz brennt
    • Klitschko (misspelled on the tape as Klitchko) was renamed to Sonne (the handwriting is from the original tape owner)
    • Pastor was renamed to Halleluja
  • The versions of Mutter and Nebel found on this tape, are the same versions as released on vinyl in 2015. Mutter has the extended orchestra bridge, and Nebel is missing three harmonies at the beginning of the song.
  • Ohne dich is the same version of the song, as it was released on the Ohne dich single in 2004. This also settles the question if the beta version was recorded in 2000 or 2004, as both was printed on the single release.
  • Side B of the tape includes a self-made mixtape which is due to the fact, that the people in the studio, who copied this tape, took whatever cassette they were able to get their hands on.


Promotional cassette
  1. Sandmann - 04:44
  2. Ohne dich - 04:26
  3. Mutter - 04:38
  4. Klitchko - 04:38
  5. Nebel - 05:01
  6. Adios - 03:54
  7. Pastor - 03:50
  8. Rein raus - 03:16