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From RammWiki

2-GIANTS was a musical project that never officially released anything.


A press release was made available in 2010, which announced Richard's participation in the project:[1]

One of the first participants in the project are the famous Richard Z.Kruspe and RAKIM. The composer of the music masterpiece is Aleks de Carvalho. No Mystery Studio – New York City recorded their joint music composition that is one of the sound tracks for the movie UFO that being produced now and will see the world next year. A special edition CD with songs and music of Aleks de Carvalho and all participants of the project “2-GIANTS” will come out next year.

The leading Russian TV channels have been informed about the never-before-seen project and are looking forward negotiating the right for broadcasting the full length version of the “2-GIANTS”.There is no doubt that the final musical product is of most importance, but, we can assure you that the process of meeting musicians and sharing time with them starting from the recording studio and finishing with New York City streets is of most interest for viewers and listeners. We would like you to feel all the energy of “2-GIANTS” stars!

We invite musicians, singers and bands from the ex-USSR countries to take part in the project regardless the music style. You are welcome to email your applications but the conditions are tough because participants are Mega-Stars.

The only song released by the project is called The Time Is Now.