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Origin:New York, United States
Active:2007 - Present
Richard Kruspe: Vocals, Guitar
Arnaud Giroux: Guitar
Olsen Involtini: Guitar
Joe Letz: Drums (Video)
Mikko Sirén: Drums (Studio)
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Emigrate is the side project of Richard Z. Kruspe.


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The first rumours of Richard recording songs as Emigrate with Sascha Konietzko, Till, and Olli emerged in 2003.[1] But even before that, Kruspe tried to create a project with Lindemann only. When they heard about it, the rest of Rammstein weren't happy about their plans, which is why it was abandoned.[2]

Up until now, Emigrate has released four albums. While the first album featured only Kruspe on vocals, the following two albums had guest singers, including Lemmy Kilmister, Marilyn Manson, and Cardinal Copia. On the 2018 album A Million Degrees, Kruspe also worked together with Lindemann on the song Let's Go, which was originally written back when Emigrate was first created. Kruspe and Lindemann also collaborated on the next album The Persistence of Memory.


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