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Lindemann 2015
©Tomaso Baldessarini

Lindemann is a German/Swedish band, formed in 2014 by Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren.


Before agreeing on the name Lindemann both had many other different names in mind. Some of these were:

  • Hints And Cunts (a play with the German "Hinz und Kunz")
  • Fuck
  • Cunt
  • Two Red (playing with the word "Tourette")
  • Krauts
  • Pink Ponies


In previous interviews for his solo project Emigrate, Richard spoke about a solo project by Till. He also revealed that it will be with English lyrics. On 04.01.2015 the Swedish band Raubtier revealed the Facebook site and name of the project via their Facebook profile.

So far the Facebook website of Lindemann is the only available website for it: Visit

On 24.02.2015 it was confirmed that "something" will happen in May 2015.

On 27.02.2015 the official Facebook page linked to an official snippet video on YouTube.

On 18.03.2015 a second promotional picture was released on the official Facebook website.
Also on 18.03.2015, the German April issue of the magazine "Metal Hammer" was released. It included the tracklist and name of the album.

In March someone revealed the maybe-official website: [1].

On 22.04.2015 the official artwork for the album "Skills In Pills" was released on the official Facebook website.
Also on that day, the official tracklist to the album was revealed.

According to Metal Hammer Italy the song "Praise Abort" will be a single on May, 29th.

On 02.05.2015 a new snippet video was released.


Till Lindemann - Vocals
Peter Tägtgren - Guitars, drums, bass
Also Clemens Wijers (known as Ardek) from the band Carach Angren worked on the orchestral parts of the songs.


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