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Till Lindemann (solo)

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Till Lindemann

Till Lindemann: Vocals
Jes Paige: Guitar
Emily Ruvidich: Guitar
Danny Lohner: Bass
Sandy Beaches: Drums
Constance Day: Keyboards
Acey Slade: Bass (formerly)

Till Lindemann is releasing music as a solo artist under his own name Till Lindemann.


After Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren announced that they would not make music together anymore in Lindemann, Till started releasing music under his own name.


Till Lindemann debuted his new band at Toto Hall in Holon, in the Tel Aviv district, Israel on 1 January 2022. The lineup consisted of the following musicians:

Jes Paige - Guitar
Emily Ruvidich - Guitar
Acey Slade - Bass
Sandy Beaches - Drums

The lineup changed later that year, replacing Acey Slade with Danny Lohner and adding Constance Day on keyboards. This constellation debuted at the Hell and Heaven Festival in Mexico and was subsequently kept since:

Jes Paige - Guitar
Emily Ruvidich - Guitar
Danny Lohner - Bass
Sandy Beaches - Drums
Constance Day - Keyboards

Live replacements


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2023: Zunge


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