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RammWiki is a wiki about the German band Rammstein, written by fans for fans.

Our goal is to create the most detailed database online. We also hope to correct any common mistakes out there as well as inform you as accurately as possible about the band, their releases, live shows and tours, their side projects, and much more.

Due to misinformation spreading throughout the community along with an incredible amount of wrong facts about the band, RammWiki will be locked to the public. That’s why RammWiki is always a ‘’work in progress’’ – some pages are completely missing or might be lacking information. It will take some time to properly complete the wiki, as every article is written and reviewed by our staff.

Over 2,000 articles full of content are waiting for you, so feel free to take a good look at them and help out by submitting corrections to mistakes, or more information. If you want to further contribute by improving some sections, we can provide you with your own account.

Thank you for visiting!

There are 2,647 articles on this wiki, and 132,169 edits in total.

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